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Home Spa

5 conscious products to boost your skin

Relax and personal care

Make your home a space of reliability and personal care. No more complex and eternal routines that are impossible to pay for; you no longer need to leave your house to pamper your skin and feel renewed. With natural products and free of toxic ingredients you will achieve immediate results.

In just five steps you will feel calm and with that boost you have been waiting for so long.

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1. Set up the place

To bring you into the right mood there is nothing better than turning down the light and lighting a candle.

Let the scent and lighting help set the perfect stage and mindset for a good restorative session.

Kaskia’s candles can be a great option to get started.

Kaskia | Flannel Amber Kaskia | Flannel Amber

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2. A restorative bath

Give yourself a deep, unhurried bath.

On the one hand, you will cleanse and nourish your skin while feeling the relaxation effect.

And since soap doesn’t have to mean plastic, Banbu solid soaps can help you.

Banbu | Dry Skin Soap Banbu | Dry Skin Soap


3. Remove impurities

Softly exfoliates your skin.

You will feel the results quickly. Cleaning up ingrained dirt is a great step towards making your skin feel smoother and more luminous.

The Organic Republic clays can be your allies.

The Organic Republic | Green Clays The Organic Republic | Green Clays


4. Nourish your skin

You will be instantly younger and more radiant.

The serums re-lipidize the skin of the face recovering and visibly renewing the skin.

Labeau Organic can help you with this.

Labeau | Nourishing Serum Labeau | Nourishing Serum


5. Instant revitalization

Close your home spa session with instant hydration and revitalization.

It makes your skin visibly brighter and more even after application.

Ombú knows a lot and can give you some help.

Ombú | Moon Glow Ombú | Moon Glow

Your skin needs a break:

Take the time and make it a ritual, make it a part of your life from now on! Treat yourself to this moment with peace of mind and confidence that you are giving your skin the highest quality natural products.

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