Banbu | So Wild Deodorant


An intense blend of Cedar, Nail and Benjui makes So Wild banbu’smost exotic deodorant, wild and gently masculine.

Size: 65g.

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Banbu | So Wild Deodorant

Do you like intense sensations, adventure, risk?

If you live with passion and are attracted to the scent of distant lands, then the deodorant SO WILD is your perfect travel companion.

An intense blend of Cedar, Nail and Benjui makes So Wild our most exotic, wildand gently masculine deodorant. suavemente masculino

Its warm fragrance of sweet wood and spices will accompany you all day thanks to the effectiveness of the extraordinary assets that make up this natural deodorant.

So Wild deodorant is a cosmetic product designed for those who are looking for a healthy, ecological and vegan alternative in their daily hygiene. For those who want their personal care to be as respectful of their health as with the health of the environment.

This solid deodorant, like the rest of the Banbu range of deodorants, is created to offer you total protection,while taking care of your health and that of your skin, respecting its flora and its natural perspiration. en sólido

Their natural absorbent and deodorant assets,such as white clay and bamboo charcoal, act by trapping the excess moisture at the same time as baking soda or zinc oxide effectively neutralize the bacteria that cause odor, being a perfect alternative to aluminum salts, present in many commercial deodorants, harmful to our health.

Its oily base of waxes and highly nutritious oils,make its application soft and unctuous, taking care and repairing the skin of daily aggressions such as hair removal, shaving or rubbing.

Its silky texture facilitates its application, leaving a soft, comfortable feeling and nothing moist in the armpit.

In addition, its 100% vegan formula, ensuresyour commitment to respect for the animal world and its solid format in 100% recyclable packaging,guarantees the zero residue of this product.


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