Ombú | āhuacatl


Fresh mask in mousse of the Spanish brand Ombu .

Deeply hydrates, leaving your skin visibly more nourished, plump and luminous after application.

Your skin regains elasticity and firmness.

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Ombú | āhuacatl
āhuacatl, an extraordinary complement in your routine against dehydration. This innovative fresh mask with seasonal ingredients, deeply hydrates leaving your skin visibly more nourished, smooth and luminous after application. In addition, thanks to its formula enriched with avocado oil, green tea extract and chlorophyll, your skin regains elasticity and firmness. Its rich texture mousse turn your routine into a pleasure for the senses. Suitable for all skin types, especially suitable for dry skin.
Avocado oil

Hydrates, illuminates and regenerates. Avocado oil is a powerful emollient, improves the elasticity and appearance of the skin due to its high content of vitamin E and essential fatty acids. In addition, it has calming and stimulating properties. Delays the effects of aging.


Detoxifies and oxygenates. Known for its similarity to hemoglobin, it is able to oxygenate and cleanse the skin naturally. Provides a green hue to cosmetics.

Green Tea

Antioxidant action. Its high concentrations of polyphenols make green tea a powerful antioxidant. Polyphenols act by preventing the formation of free radicals at the cellular level, repair damage and delay premature aging in addition to strengthening the protective layer of the skin.

Cucumber extract

Powerful anti-inflammatory and regenerating. Strengthens the protective layer of the skin. Helps to preserve the moisture and freshness of the skin. Eliminate redness and inflammation, achieving a more unified and healthy complexion.

Natural talc

Natural protector of the skin against external aggressions. Calms redness and skin irritations. Regulates excess sebum from the skin. Cleanses naturally and improves the consistency of masks.

Coconut oil

This basic of natural cosmetics is the oil most used as a base for creams since it is an excellent natural moisturizer. Creates a protective barrier on the outermost layer of the skin that locks in moisture and prevents dehydration. Its contribution of lauric acid helps to strengthen the inner layers of the skin, protecting it from the effects caused by free radicals.


1. Clean and dry facial skin before applying the mask.

2. Spread an even layer of mask over your entire face. You can use your fingers or a special brush for face masks.

3. Leave to act for 5 to 10 minutes and remove with warm water.

Remember to keep your masks fresh in the fridge to preserve all their properties.


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